Fair Housing

Fair housing is an important part of what we do daily. There are many instances when we are interacting with a resident or prospect where it would be easy to make a mistake. It is important to remember that Fair Housing isn’t about intention, but rather impact. You may have the best of intentions however, if a person feels that they were treated differently, a lawsuit may follow.  What can you do to stay out of harms way? Remember the protected classes! Be sure to take Fair Housing training regularly, at least once a year to stay informed. Learn about local laws and local protected classes. There are federally protected classes and then there are protected classes bases on counties and localities. Treat each person the same regardless of any protected class. Learn more about how your company accommodates  ADA policies within your organization.   This includes reasonable accommodations and reasonable modifications as well as service animals. Stay clear of lawsuits! Learning is a life saver! When I was a kid I didn’t have cable and watched only basic television. The PBS  station would also end a show with a quick snippet that said, ” the more you know🎵 🎵.”  This snippet holds true today.  – Heather