Headed for Rejection!

As a sales person, when you believe in your product or service your are destined to be  more successful than a salesperson who lacks the belief in the same. You are able to increase your bottom line and your persuasion by as much as 50% when you “buy in” to the vision of the organization, your product and your role. It is important to have a passion for your profession! Remove the barriers that can influence your sales negatively and incorporate positive self talk and affirmations into your daily routine. 

It’s not easy to work in a role where rejection is a constant, however the goal should be to get as many “No’s” as possible instead of being focused on the “Yes!” Last year  I read a great book titled, Go For No.   The book was written by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz.  The message talked about pushing ourselves as sales professionals.  A very powerful statement it made, ” Yes is the destination, but No is how you get there!”    A great lesson for any sales professional! Check it out!  – Heather 


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