Do You Compromise?


Selling Value is paramount.  Do you know how to sell value to future residents? Most objections raised by future residents are due to the fact that they have not learned the value of your apartments and community.  When they don’t grasp the value that you offer, they have only one principle by which to make a decision- that principle would be the price! The greater the difference you can establish between your community and apartments v. your competitors, the greater the probability  of you closing the deal.  Everyone compromises on something- and often that is price. How many times have you spent a few extra dollars on something that you felt was valuable. Maybe it was a shirt, a pair of shoes, a meal or even a vehicle?  Our future residents are also willing to make the same compromise, however, we have to build the value in order for them to believe that it’s worth it!  Lease On Rock Stars !  – Heather


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