Just Another Caller…

Author: Heather Palmer

My recent experiment: Just for fun I called 4 different leasing offices in 4 different cities to gain some fresh ideas and insight for my 2016 sales training class.  This experience truly confirmed my beliefs on the importance of the customer experience! Sales is all about building the relationship. Not one person took a genuine interest in my needs as a prospective renter. I felt like just another phone call!  I will not mention the companies or the apartment communities, however, I will share the locations:

  • Atlantic, Georgia
  • Albany, New York
  • Lamont, California
  • Alexandria, Virginia

Only 1 of 4 leasing professionals asked for my email address, 3 of 4 leasing professionals asked for my phone number, 1 of 4 asked what was important to me, 2 of 4 placed me on hold during the call, 2 of 4 asked me for an appointment. Three days after my experiment, I have not been called by either agent when I did not arrive or my appointment and I have not been emailed by the one agent who asked for my email address. Sadly, although 3 of 4 leasing professionals asked for my phone number, neither has yet to have called me! I told each leasing professional that I was relocating to the area for work and was currently in town and looking to move within the next 30 days.  I would say I was a “hot” lead, yet, not one person worked for the sale.  Don’t let your company’s marketing dollars go to waste! Give each caller your undivided attention and work to create a partnership with the prospect.  You should be interested in their needs and work towards having them as a future resident. No worries, if you aren’t up to this task, I’m sure your opponents are!  –  Heather


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