Tell Me How You Failed!

Author: Heather Palmer

Are you thinking about your goals for 2016?  Before you start planning your 2016, take a moment to recap both your accomplishments and failures from 2015.  What are the things that you did well, and how can you do these things even better in the year ahead?  The accomplishments are easy.  Let’ talk about challenges. What were your failures in 2015?  Take a moment to celebrate your failures.  That’s right!  Celebrate your failures because those were the moments where you learned new things!  In order to be successful, one has to have failures.  Here is a thought, write down each failure and those things which you learned as a result. When you think about it, that is actually success! Because you failed at something, you are better at that task and have new knowledge and will attack the same task in a different manner and undoubtedly will excel at it next time. You will excel simply because you failed and learned previously.  Look at these as opportunities! In 2016, I encourage you to take risks, push the envelope, and be adventurous!  Happy 2016- Heather


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