We Love Our Residents!

Our residents are our bread and butter!  Some folks have referred to them as GOLDEN.  It seems that in our business we jump through hoops to get future residents to move in but after they do- we are telling them “no” quite often.  Aim for a better approach when dealing with your residents.  Remove the words “no” and “can’t” from your vocabulary completely. Try to be more solutions oriented when delivering a message about rules and regulations.   Never use the phrases, “you need to” or “you have to” and most of all refrain from saying things such as “it is our policy.”  These common phrases often have a negative impact.  Work to foster the relationship you have with your residents.  When you are on a tour with a prospect, speak when you see your residents.  When you resident stops in the office, ask them a question to get the conversation going.  Here are some of my favorites:  How is your dog/cat (reference pet by name)?  ; How is Suzie (child/family member reference by name)? ; Did you RSVP for our next resident event?; Can we do anything to make your home more enjoyable?  ; Do you need any light bulbs replaced in your home? ; Keep the dialogue going!  Every office has signs that say “We Love Our Residents.”   The question is: What do you do to make them feel the love?  – XOXOX, Heather


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