Tempt Your Prospects

Prospective residents often study your community online before ever getting in touch with you, so there’s a part of the “sales” process that happens before you are ever involved. I like to compare the experience to dating.  When a prospect is checking out your website it is the same as viewing a dating site and looking at online profiles.   If you see an interesting profile, you reach out and the first contact is made!  Same thing here- your website is your profile so let’s make sure it is captivating to the prospect.  Based on the information here, they may give you a call or send an email.  Your response is part of the first impression!  After an informative response the prospect is ready for the 1st date- the visit to the community. Don’t blow it during your phone conversation.  Remove all distractions and be sure to focus on the needs of the prospect! Paint a picture of your community- dare to be different! Use descriptive phrases and word when recounting the mature trees which stand tall in your lush courtyard settings where every home has its own private entrance.  Tell them all about the second floor apartment with a picture perfect wooded view that is only 20 steps from the full body work out facility.  Tempt your prospect and get them excited about the visit! Remember, at the end of the visit, you are asking them to move in!


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