Save the Date!

Last week I taught a class at the Maryland Multifamily Housing Association for NALP Designees. I truly enjoyed The experience and wanted to share a few of the great ideas that came from our discussion of resident events. The common challenge with residents events is that only the same five people show face each time. After putting so much effort into planning these events it can be quite discouraging.  How do we come up with the ideas for our resident functions? Are we making assumptions about what our residents want? Are we repeating the same events year after year? The old trusty pool party, breakfast on the run,  or the costume contest. These are all great ideas for events but what can we do differently to get a fabulous turn out? One of the students had a great idea about a resident focus group. This group would consist of 6 residents who would actually be responsible for planning and marketing the resident events.  Another great suggestion was to survey your residents to find out what events they would be interested in each year.  We can do this via survey monkey email blast or even Facebook poll.  Wouldn’t it be great to offer an Omelette Fiesta, Line Dancing Event or Tweetathon Movie Night?  It is important to create a sense of community at our communities. Why not start today?


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